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Big Data and Entity Resolution (part 2)


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing We talked a week ago about the rapidly emerging market space called Big Data. One statistic that opened my eyes is Gartner’s prediction that the volume of new data generated by enterprises will grow by 650% in the next five years, and 80% of that will be […]

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Is MDM Dead?


By Mike Shultz, Infoglide Software CEO Andrew White of Gartner recently posed a question about whether master data management (MDM) is dead. He didn’t actually suggest that the demise of master data management is imminent. He was challenging whether our current terminology adequately clarifies the current reality about MDM and associated product areas. Certainly the […]

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The Big Story: Evolution


Technology writer Chris Calnan’s story opened with a comment about Infoglide that nicely sums up the evolution of the broader market for identity resolution and entity analytics: “The market may have finally caught up with Infoglide Software Corp.’s technology.” While identity resolution technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade, its market visibility only emerged […]

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To Move or Not to Move: That is the Question


By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer A continual theme at IdentityResolutionDaily is maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of data at all times. Two recent posts concerned fusion centers and citizen profiling, but the same issues apply to virtually any application of entity resolution technology. The fact is that, in some cases, […]

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Internal and External Views of Identity


By John Talburt, PhD, CDMP, Director, UALR Laboratory for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality (ERIQ) In an earlier post, I stated my view that identity resolution and entity resolution are somewhat different processes.  In particular, I consider identity resolution as a special form of entity resolution in which entity references are resolved […]

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What’s the Data Quality Business Message?


By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer What’s it going to take to move the data quality space forward in the future? That’s the question recently addressed by Ted Friedman of Gartner as reported in an article in He suggests that the real answer may be messaging. “Vendors have done a […]

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The Growing Role of Identity Resolution in MDM


By Dan Power, President and Founder, Hub Solution Designs There definitely seems to be a trend lately with small companies in the master data management (MDM) and data quality space being purchased (as in the asset acquisition of Exeros by IBM) or partnering with larger firms (such as Silver Creek Systems’ OEM relationship with Oracle). […]

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Identity Resolution in These “Interesting Times”


By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer Judging from recent remarks by Dr. Leonard Schaefer and Edward Lull Jr., the need for identity resolution is heightened by the turbulent economic circumstances of the “interesting times” we find ourselves living in.  While specifically referring to name analytics in a recent article in […]

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Data Quality, Entity Resolution, and OFAC Compliance


By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer In a February post blogger Steve Sarsfield talked about government mandates that direct financial institutions to avoid doing business with known “bad guys”: The mandates have to do with the lists of terrorists offered by the European Union, Australia, Canada and the United States. […]

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Critical Requirements for Identity Resolution


By Robert Barker, Infoglide Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer I’m back from the holidays with more insights about identity resolution. Several times in past posts we’ve compared and contrasted Identity Resolution with other market spaces that it’s sometimes mistaken for, including MDM, data integration, data warehousing, name matching, and data quality. It was […]

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