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New Jersey-Based Fraud Ring Charged This Week: The Perfect Case for Social Network Analysis


By Mike Betron, Infoglide VP of Marketing   As reported by MSN Money this week, eighteen members of a fraud ring have just been charged in what may be one of the largest international credit card scams in history. The New Jersey-based fraud ring is reported to have stolen at least $200 million, fooling credit […]

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Fighting Fraud from an Entity-Centric Perspective


By Doug Wood – Infoglide SVP of Sales Government and commercial organizations are under increasing pressure to more effectively identify and unravel threats before they happen.  Predictive analytics tools have traditionally been deployed in hopes of isolating transactional behaviors that may point to a risk of loss.  The market is well served with these systems, yet institutional […]

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Big Oil and Big Data


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing In “Mining the Tar Sands of Big Data”, Matthew Driscoll and Roger Ehrenberg draw an apt parallel between the earth’s vast oil reserves and big data: until recently it wasn’t economically and technically feasible to mine these resources efficiently. In both cases, that’s changing. The authors trace […]

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Financial Services Has a Growing Problem: Internal Fraud


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing The Aite Group recently authored a report entitled “Internal Fraud: The Devil Within.” After surveying 35 fraud and product executives at financial institutions across the U.S. and Canada, they concluded that internal fraud is a severe and growing problem that often goes undetected and almost always flies […]

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You Can’t Handle the Truth


By Mike Shultz, Infoglide Software CEO We have a new Congress and a new House majority leader as of this week’s swearing in ceremony. The current House majority party (R) plans to pass a bill to repeal the “Obamacare” bill passed during the last session by the former House majority party (D).  Both parties make […]

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Big Data and Entity Resolution (part 2)


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing We talked a week ago about the rapidly emerging market space called Big Data. One statistic that opened my eyes is Gartner’s prediction that the volume of new data generated by enterprises will grow by 650% in the next five years, and 80% of that will be […]

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Big Data and Entity Resolution


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Early this year, Gartner suggested that a “data deluge” has begun. In his recent Dataspora Blog post about “Big Data” and what it means, author Michael Driscoll presents a unique and interesting perspective on the massive amounts of data being generated and stored. According to The 451 […]

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The Word is (Finally) Getting Out


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Immediately after the Christmas bomber incident in 2009, we highlighted the positive role that broader deployment of (id)entity resolution software could play in preventing terrorist actions. That thought was seconded this week in a piece published by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) entitled “Better data analysis for […]

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Sponsoring ICIQ This Weekend


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Infoglide Software is a proud sponsor of the 15th International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ). The 2010 edition of this annual event is being hosted this weekend by the George W. Dohaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Researchers […]

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Secure Flight Reaches Critical Milestone


By Mike Shultz, Infoglide Software CEO On November 1, the Secure Flight program achieved a key goal as described on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site: Secure Flight, the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) behind-the-scenes watch list matching program, fulfills a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission by assuming responsibility of watch list matching from […]

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