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Insurance Fraud

Momentum with Memento


By Douglas Wood, Infoglide Senior VP We noted with interest the April 23 announcement that FIS, the largest banking and payments technology provider on the planet, has made very strategic acquisitions of Memento Security and ICS Risk Advisors.  With over 30,000 worldwide employees and annual revenues approaching $6B, FIS holds the leadership position in payment […]

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Exposing the Fraud Chameleon


By Doug Wood – Infoglide SVP of Sales The word ‘triage’ tends to bring to mind the settings of a hospital emergency room.  Doctors and nurses try to examine the patient data quickly to ensure that patients with the most urgent needs are treated first.  This same concept holds true for insurance. Understanding which claims need further […]

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Financial Services Has a Growing Problem: Internal Fraud


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing The Aite Group recently authored a report entitled “Internal Fraud: The Devil Within.” After surveying 35 fraud and product executives at financial institutions across the U.S. and Canada, they concluded that internal fraud is a severe and growing problem that often goes undetected and almost always flies […]

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Connecting the Dots Revisited: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing On the one hand, recognition of the power that entity resolution can bring to bear on challenging problems both in the commercial and public realms continues to increase. On the other hand, resistance to change and lack of budget seem to be inhibiting dramatic increases in productivity […]

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Best Practices Just Got Better


By Douglas Wood, Infoglide Senior Vice President On the heels of the very successful Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) conference last month comes an industry event which represents investigators of financial crimes and fraud.  The International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) meets in Washington, DC next week with an agenda that is chock […]

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The Not So Great Fortune 500 Enterprise


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Of the various types of crime involving fraud, individual cases of people scamming workers’ compensation garner the most publicity. The stories typically read like this: “Joe Blow was drawing workers’ comp while working as a personal trainer, and after he was caught on video, he had to […]

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The Talk of the ACFE Conference


By Douglas Wood, Infoglide Senior VP The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) held its annual conference and exhibition in Washington, DC this week.  Through the keynote address and the plethora of wonderful speakers, one message became loud and clear – fraudsters are becoming more and more creative in finding ways to circumvent your policies. […]

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Exposing Fraudulent Networks in Healthcare


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing More than half of the $98 million in “improper payments” by the federal government in 2009 were made through Medicare and Medicaid. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine points out that “since 1990, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has designated Medicare as a […]

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Using Entity Resolution to Police Businesses That Deceive


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing A recent video story on KING5 in Seattle highlighted the aggressive efforts state agencies take to ferret out employment fraud. This particular story highlights an agency’s success in identifying and prosecuting unlicensed contractors. Such willingness to work around licensing regulations can also signal a cavalier attitude about […]

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Solving Medicare Fraud


By Haroon Alvi, CEO Southlake Medical Supplies, Inc. Health care reform, aka health insurance reform, is a broad and complex issue with many “moving parts” in need of repair.  With this in mind, I would like to look at one area of health care that has received some attention in the press — Medicare fraud. […]

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