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The Word is (Finally) Getting Out


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Immediately after the Christmas bomber incident in 2009, we highlighted the positive role that broader deployment of (id)entity resolution software could play in preventing terrorist actions. That thought was seconded this week in a piece published by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) entitled “Better data analysis for […]

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Secure Flight Reaches Critical Milestone


By Mike Shultz, Infoglide Software CEO On November 1, the Secure Flight program achieved a key goal as described on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site: Secure Flight, the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) behind-the-scenes watch list matching program, fulfills a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission by assuming responsibility of watch list matching from […]

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Absentee Ballot Fraud


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing We’re currently in the heat of the election season. No matter how impeccable the record of any candidate that the major parties put forward, minions of the opposing parties go to great lengths to uncover an embarrassing incident that can be exposed (or even an incident that […]

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Connecting the Dots Revisited: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing On the one hand, recognition of the power that entity resolution can bring to bear on challenging problems both in the commercial and public realms continues to increase. On the other hand, resistance to change and lack of budget seem to be inhibiting dramatic increases in productivity […]

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New Record for Healthcare Fraud: $163 Million


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Last night the largest Medicare fraud operation yet discovered was in the headlines: A vast network of Armenian gangsters and their associates used phantom health care clinics and other means to try to cheat Medicare out of $163 million, the largest fraud by one criminal enterprise in […]

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Commercial Fusion Centers


By Kevin Moore, Infoglide Software Director of Fraud Solution Sales Several years ago, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published guidelines for creating fusion centers at the state, local, and federal levels. Since then, fusion centers have become a hot trend in the law enforcement community.  At last count, there were 72 designated centers around […]

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Preventable Nightmares?


By Mike Shultz, Infoglide Software CEO Every father’s nightmare happened in North Carolina this week. A young woman apparently left a bar voluntarily with a man she met there, and she was subsequently found murdered. The apparent murderer arrested in Niagara Falls had a criminal record that included sexual abuse and was on probation in […]

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International Privacy Compliance


By Douglas Wood, Infoglide Senior Vice President International companies, particularly those in the financial services markets, have long struggled to comply with the varying data privacy laws of the countries in which they operate.  Simple data analysis practices in one region of the world may or may not be acceptable in another, and the penalties […]

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Best Practices Just Got Better


By Douglas Wood, Infoglide Senior Vice President On the heels of the very successful Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) conference last month comes an industry event which represents investigators of financial crimes and fraud.  The International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) meets in Washington, DC next week with an agenda that is chock […]

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The Not So Great Fortune 500 Enterprise


By Mike Betron, Infoglide Software Director of Marketing Of the various types of crime involving fraud, individual cases of people scamming workers’ compensation garner the most publicity. The stories typically read like this: “Joe Blow was drawing workers’ comp while working as a personal trainer, and after he was caught on video, he had to […]

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