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Founded in 1996, our company offers identity focused solutions for retail, banking, insurance, government, information and data providers, and law enforcement. Example applications include workers’ compensation fraud detection, insider trading discovery, terrorist screening, retail fraud detection, auto-classification of Product Information Management (PIM) data, lottery fraud detection, and data quality.

Infoglide is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional offices in the United Kingdom.

Mission Statement

Infoglide’s mission is to build and market products for companies in need of innovative technology to transform expanding amounts of stored data into the knowledge that drives their business success.


The following are the values under which we live and conduct our business at Infoglide.

We promote creative thought and encourage managed risks by all employees in order to build stronger technology, find untapped markets, and to better meet our customers’ needs.
We do what we say we will do. We conduct ourselves honestly and truthfully in our words and actions with each other, our customers, our partners, our vendors, and our stakeholders.
We achieve success through market leadership, profitability, innovative technology, quality products, by exceeding customers’ expectations, and through responsible stewardship of our resources.
We are open-minded to diversity of ideas and opinions, creating an environment that supports respectful and open communication to and by our employees, customers, partners, vendors, and stakeholders.
We encourage and support community involvement by our employees and the company.
We have the courage to do the right thing, however difficult, and support and respect each other and the company, through adversity and change.