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Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)

Infoglide’s Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) for Healthcare represents an effective way to solve your patient identification management challenges. Infoglide EMPI is capable of inspecting patient records in multiple datasets, creating cross references patient records to uniquely identify each patient, performing global patient searches, indexing duplicate patient records, and creating views of patient information across multiple information systems in real time. 



Accurate Patient Matching and Linking

Due to data entry errors and purposeful manipulations, healthcare organizations often have multiple variations of individuals’ identities spread across different healthcare departments. Using the same patented identity resolution technology that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses to match terrorist threats, Infoglide EMPI compares similarities between underlying attributes such as address, date of birth, SSN, etc., IRE eliminates many possible matches and confirms others as very likely matches.

Real Time Federated Search

Infoglide EMPI can analyze data in any format without requiring normalization or building an intermediate data warehouse.

Single Entity View

Create entity centric views (Master Patient Records) of matching and duplicate patient records.

Time to Market

Prebuilt adapters specifically designed for healthcare EMPI decreases implementation time and delivers ROI.