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Infoglide and Westminster Group Partner to Distribute Infoglide’s Identity Resolution Products to the UK and Middle East

Westminster Group Plc (‘Westminster’ or ‘the Group’), the AIM listed supplier of system solutions and products to the security, defence, fire protection and safety markets worldwide, is pleased to announce that it has secured distribution rights in the UK and the Middle East for the Infoglide’s (www.infoglide.com)  identity resolution products.

Infoglide’s identity resolution technology searches, matches and links entities across multiple, disparate data sources using over 50 algorithms, many of which are attribute specific. It resolves identities from multiple records and uncovers links between entities despite variations and errors in data as well as bad actors’ intentional efforts to manipulate data to avoid detection.  The software draws attention to misrepresented identities, suspicious relationships and criminal connections.

Markets for these products include banking, transport & travel, government, law enforcement and insurance, where it is used primarily for detection of fraud, risk, and criminal activities.

Most notably the software has secured praise for its success in identifying & minimising passenger screening risks faced by the US Transport Security Administration which is responsible for the safety of all US domestic flights.   Other applications include financial fraud detection, anti-money laundering, insurance fraud detection, insider trading detection, retail fraud detection, lottery fraud detection and compliance.

Westminster International has an extensive distribution network through its international agents.  It expects the product to be popular with national security agencies across the Middle East in particular.

 Commenting on the agreement, Shires Crichton, Sales Director at Westminster International said:

 “These products have a very wide range of applications from seemingly harmless white collar crime right across the spectrum to very serious terrorist threats.  The ability to detect those who are intent on pursuing criminal activities at an early stage saves significant cost and, potentially, innocent people’s lives.    

 “Infoglide products draw information from a very wide range of sources to cross reference personal details making them very effective at acting as an early warning system for high profile organisations.  This has changed the landscape in the battle against criminals.  There has always been a host of data however using it effectively has been the challenge.  Infoglide has made this achievable.”