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Infoglide Launches Anti-Fraud Solution Suite

Suite allows organizations to search across disparate data sources to uncover hidden connections between entities that signal fraud is occurring


Austin, Texas – September 21, 2010 – Infoglide Software Corporation (www.infoglide.com) announced today the general availability of its new Anti-Fraud Solution Suite. The suite was developed using Infoglide’s Identity Resolution EngineTM technology to address the needs of organizations that must identify fraud across disparate data sources while complying with data privacy laws. This issue is particularly acute for global companies that must adhere to a variety of privacy laws in the different countries in which they operate.

For many organizations, the data to find fraudulent entities already exists, but it is distributed across various systems and data sources throughout the enterprise. Infoglide’s Anti-Fraud Solution Suite searches, matches, and links people, locations, and other entities across these silos of data without the need to move the data or reformat it. To help organizations comply with privacy laws, the Anti-Fraud Solution Suite can be configured to return only the calculated probability of a match, instead of the actual data associated with that match, or can return only partial data depending on the authorization level and country of the end user.

“Many companies don’t realize they already have the pieces to solve the puzzle,” said Mike Betron, director of marketing. “They are doing business with people that, if they had a full view of that person, they would never even let them in the door. But their fraud operations are segmented, and their data is dispersed throughout the organization. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. One line of business is about to sign a customer that is committing fraud to another line of business. Major financial institutions are losing millions of dollars because they don’t have a clear picture of their customers, vendors, partners, and employees.”

The Anti-Fraud Solution Suite features the following components and functionality:


The Anti-Fraud Solution Suite uses patented technology to compare data and find similar identity matches and non-obvious relationships that indicate fraud is occurring. It can also uncover aliases and fraud rings despite data entry errors and intentional efforts to deceive. Insider fraud and collusion are a huge problem for most financial services companies. By giving them the ability to search into human resources data, while protecting the privacy of that data, the Anti-Fraud Solution Suite is uniquely positioned to address the problem of insider fraud.

The Infoglide Anti-Fraud Solution Suite has been tailored to address the different types of fraud faced by the banking, insurance, and government markets including PEP, 413 (a) and sanctions screening, insider fraud and collusion, benefits fraud, multi-channel and multi-national fraud, property and casualty fraud, and workers compensation fraud.


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Infoglide (www.infoglide.com) supplies identity resolution and entity analytics solutions to government and commercial markets. Infoglide’s products are used by organizations in insurance, banking, identity management, and the government for fraud detection, compliance, anti-money laundering (AML), screening, and general data quality. Incorporated in 1996, Infoglide Software is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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