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TASCET Selects Infoglide Software Technology for Identification Infrastructure

Identity Network Protects Individuals from Identity Theft and Fraud

Austin, Texas – June 12, 2009 – TASCET Identity Network™, an identification services provider, today announced that they have selected Infoglide Software Corporation to supply identity resolution technology for use in TASCET solutions. The move combines an elegant solution with high fidelity technologies to create an identification infrastructure that identifies, protects and enhances privacy for all Americans.

“The analytic power, workflow management and flexibility for customization delivered by Infoglide’s IRE engine is exactly what is necessary to create the dynamic and robust system utilized by health care organizations, financial institutions, state governments and federal agencies within the TASCET network,” said Larry Aubol, CEO of TASCET Identity Network. “They understand our business model which allows us to bring online multiple industry clients, quickly, efficiently and most importantly with a high degree of accuracy.”

TASCET Identity Network provides solutions that allow the issuance of an identity credential rather than a verification document. The TASCET Identity Network enables organizations to have a high level of confidence in their identification process that insures an individual is not using a stolen, alias, synthetic or fraudulent identity.

Infoglide Software’s industry-leading identity resolution system handles entity analytics, workflow, inventory control, and queuing for TASCET’s Conflict Resolution Center. It provides the Identity Network high-level stability, robustness and accuracy even when parameters are changing.

“We are happy to be a part of such a unique identification solution,” said Douglas Wood, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Infoglide. “It’s clear TASCET is providing a proactive means to identification and changing the way America establishes identity.”

About TASCET Identity Network
TASCET Identity Network, an identification services provider, provides an identity infrastructure and certification process – the foundation necessary to identify an individual – that protects citizens from fraud and abuse while giving the ownership of their identity back. The end result is an alias-free environment for government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions or private companies to issue trusted credentials and prevent an individual from using a synthetic, multiple or alias identity. A privately-held company, TASCET is headquartered in Madison, Wis. and online at www.tascet.com.

About Infoglide Software Corporation
Infoglide (www.infoglide.com) supplies identity resolution and entity analytics solutions to government and commercial markets. Infoglide’s solutions search relational databases and analyze data related to individuals and/or entities within multiple data silos. Infoglide’s patented identity resolution technology allows for data matching, auto classification, and data cleansing in applications for data quality and master data management (MDM), including customer data integration (CDI) and product information management (PIM). The company’s Bladeworks and Identity Resolution Engine™ (IRE) technologies utilize identity matching and fuzzy search capabilities to discover non-obvious relationships, applies domain specific rules as well as similarity and classification engines, and automatically integrates the resulting business intelligence into an organization’s systems and processes in real time. Infoglide products employ over 50 patented algorithms that are applied based on domain-specific rules. Features include data matching, fuzzy search/fuzzy match, similarity search, identity matching, data quality, and discovery of non-obvious relationships. Incorporated in 1996, Infoglide Software is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas.