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Industry Solutions


Infoglide offers state-of-the-art software tools for the following industries:

  • Banking/Finance – Our unique solutions allow banks to pinpoint fraud – even across departments and service lines – while complying with government regulations.
  • Insurance – By making important connections in data, our software allows insurance companies new ways to spot and investigate fraudulent claims and suspicious activity.
  • Government – We provide high-accuracy, high-capacity technology for sanctions and terrorist screening, as well as additional tools to assist with criminal investigation.
  • Retail – Infoglide provides retail companies with the means to identify and block theft, reduce loss and help prevent the hiring of known criminals.
  • Healthcare – Our technology allows healthcare facilities to access patient data from multiple sources in order to create a comprehensive electronic medical record.

At the heart of all our solutions are algorithms that make key connections across numerous data sources, allowing organizations the ability to discover and block criminal activity, protect valuable assets and/or provide better service for customers.