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Anti-Money Laundering


Infoglide’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions enable financial institutions to establish a global, single-entity view of customers and their transactions. Complementary to traditional rules-based and predictive analytics solutions, Infoglide’s technology enables organizations to discover who’s who – as well as who knows whom – via powerful entity resolution and social link analysis. With Infoglide’s AML solutions, banks can detect money laundering networks more accurately with fewer false positives.
Our AML solutions include:

  • Enterprise Search – Identity Resolution (IRE), allowing banks to search for matching identities across interdepartmental data sources
  • Anonymous Resolution for Data Privacy, allowing banks to search across organizational and geographical boundaries
  • Social Link Discovery, linking potential organized crime networks
  • Sanctions Screening and 314(a) Compliance, enabling accurate and efficient checking of customers and transactions against sanctions and regulatory requests


Enterprise Search – Identity Resolution

With Infoglide IRE for enterprise search, financial institutions can search, match and link people and businesses across disparate data sources. For example, banks can quickly search and find matches for similar identity information across all department silos – and even across organizational boundaries. Additionally, with Infoglide’s powerful Anonymous Resolutiontechnology, banks can do a search without exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data.


Anonymous Resolution for Data Privacy

Find, match, and link similar entities and relationships without exposing sensitive data values.


Social Link Discovery

Historically, the most difficult money laundering schemes to detect are those that involve coordinated attacks by organized fraud rings.  Infoglide’s Social Link Discovery enables banks uncover organized crime networks by identifying hidden relationships between customers, insiders, accounts, alerts, and cases.


Sanctions Screening and 314(a) Compliance

The Infoglide IRE solution for Sanctions Screening and 314(a) compliance enables banks to accurately and efficiently check customers and transactions against sanctions, PEP, internal lists and managing regulatory requests, such as FinCEN 314(a).