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Enterprise Search / Identity Resolution


Most financial institutions already have all the data necessary to detect fraudulent activity, but because that data is spread out in different locations and departments, it’s difficult to bring it all together in one place. In addition, errors in data – whether deliberate or accidental – make linking even more difficult.

Infoglide’s IRE technology enables financial institutions to perform real-time (or batch) federated searches across their enterprise data to find, match, and link similar entities.  IRE is built on an open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) that can be operated in standalone mode or integrated with other business applications due to its configurable business process workflow.

Key Benefits of Infoglide’s Enterprise Search / Identity Resolution Solution

  • Search, match and link similar individuals and businesses across disparate data sets
  • Reduce false positives with the industry leading similarity search technology that far exceeds pattern-based matching, and soundex matching solutions
  • Search data in other business units or boundaries without violating privacy policies with unique Anonymous Identity Resolution technology