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Insider Fraud and Collusion


According to a recent survey from the Financial Services Agency (FSA), insider fraud is the most costly form of fraud loss for corporations. In financial services alone, insider fraud is expected to cost close to $1 billion in 2012. To reduce risk, you need a solution that is capable of not only screening against known perpetrators, but is also able to detect hidden social network relationships.

Unfortunately, since many cases of insider fraud fly “below the radar,” they are often missed by the bank’s analytically-based detection systems.  Infoglide offers a comprehensive solution for the screening and detection of common employee fraud problems, such as the theft of customer or bank assets and information. Infoglide’s similarity search solution is capable of scanning multiple data sources in real time to identify linkages between employees, vendors, applicants and other third parties such as suspected criminals.

Additionally, with Infoglide Social Link Discovery, organizations can single out suspicious relationships within social networks related to employees, vendors, applicants, and other third parties.

Key benefits of Infoglide’s Insider Fraud and Collusion solution include:

  • The ability to search data where it lives without requiring normalization or building an intermediate data warehouse;
  • Its built-in, highly scalable Identity Resolution matching engine that reduces false positives and false negatives;
  • The system’s service-oriented architecture.