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Infoglide is proud to provide tools that enable federal officials to protect citizens and prevent terrorist activities and other criminal activities. Used by the US Department of Homeland Security, our technology assists with sanctions and terrorist investigations, reviewing data across a wide range of locations.

Our highly accurate software is capable of handling millions of transactions per day and can actively monitor persons and entities of interest. Our solutions offer investigators the means to speed inquiries, link individuals and networks, and build intelligence to block criminal activity.


Sanctions and Terrorist Screening

There is no more mission-critical application of technology than when applied to protect issues of national security. Screening solutions must be scalable, able to access disparate data, and above all, provide the highest level of accuracy.

Infoglide’s Sanctions and Terrorist Screening technology powers US Department of Homeland Security’s TSS screening initiative.  The production version of Infoglide’s screening solution is highly scalable, handling millions of screening queries per day. It relies on dozens of patented matching algorithms to ensure the highest level of accuracy. It is also capable of accessing dozens of disparate data sets across the country in real time.


Key capabilities of Infoglide’s Sanctions and Terrorist Screening technology include:

  • Scalability – Capable of handling millions of transactions per day;
  • Accuracy – Patented algorithms detects and prioritizes matches;
  • Adaptability – Can access data where it lives and does not require a central database; and
  • Security – Capability of identity searching data at its source protects the integrity of the data


Enterprise Search and Identity Resolution

Infoglide’s Entity Resolution solution provides a scalable search and analysis platform to enable investigators, analysts and field-based personnel to rapidly create a single view of entities across multiple data sources.

With Infoglide’s Entity Resolution solution, analysts can access disparate data in real time. andfind matches at the single-attribute level (e.g., name) or across the entire entity level. The software can:

  • Provide a single view of criminal or intelligence targets, analyzing billions of records across multiple data sources within seconds;
  • Enable faster investigations, ensuring all relevant information is searched, linked and rapidly visualized;
  • Build valuable intelligence from limited information using an intuitive, complex query-building engine; and
  • Actively monitor information on individuals, entities or categories of crime.



Social Link Discovery

Fortunately, criminals within fraud networks often reuse or slightly alter their identity information in creating multiple bank accounts. Infoglide SLA uses sophisticated technology to identify and piece together both exact and inexact (fuzzy) linkages and non-obvious relationships using these recycled pieces of information. As a result, fraud rings can be discovered before its members strike the bank.