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A high priority for improving the quality of healthcare delivery is the development of effective Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems using Master Patient Indexes. Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) addresses the most challenging problems inherent in building these records.

If you’re trying to build an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) that really works across disparate data sources, you may be including one or more medical centers, outpatient clinics, practices and rehabilitation facilities to ensure consistent care and provide a single view of the patient.

IRE assesses the degree of similarity between data records and returns an aggregated score indicating the likelihood that certain identities are a match. IRE analyzes structured and unstructured data in both internal and external data sources, and it operates in either batch mode or real-time. Our 50+ algorithms each have their own intellectual property, which allows IRE to match attributes and identities with far greater precision than traditional methods.

Patient Master Identity Management (PMIM) is an identity-focused solution based on patented technology selected by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to screen domestic airline passengers for terrorist threats. PMIM aggregates information from multiple disparate data set stores to form a clear, composite depiction of the identity of an individual. The software applies sophisticated Similarity Search™ and clustering techniques to resolve patient records and establish an index from multiple sources without requiring the extensive cleansing required by other approaches.

Resolving identities quickly and accurately using identity resolution has already led to better decision-making in multiple industries, including financial services, insurance, government, retailing, and transportation. Now the same identity resolution technology is being applied to solve challenges in healthcare.


Key Capabilities


Accurate Patient Matching and Linking

Due to data entry errors and purposeful manipulations, healthcare organizations often have multiple variations of individuals’ identities spread across different healthcare departments. Using the same patented identity resolution technology that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses to match terrorist threats, Infoglide EMPI compares similarities between underlying attributes such as address, date of birth, SSN, etc., IRE eliminates many possible matches and confirms others as very likely matches.

Real Time Federated Search

Infoglide EMPI can analyze data in any format without requiring normalization or building an intermediate data warehouse.

Single Entity View

Create entity centric views (Master Patient Records) of matching and duplicate patient records.

Time to Market

Prebuilt adapters specifically designed for healthcare EMPI decreases implementation time and delivers ROI.