Retailers use Infoglide’s technology to address the problems of organized retail crime (ORC), returns fraud, and bad hiring decisions. Infoglide’s Identity Resolution Engine™ (IRE) can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be added to existing loss prevention and human resources systems to improve results.

Proven Results

In a six-week proof of concept, a Top 20 U.S. retailer used an IRE-based solution to uncover $15.8 million in previously undetected fraud risk in their data, including the following:

  • $11 million in non-receipted refunds to customers beyond allowable policies
  • $3.4 million in non-receipted refunds to known shoplifters
  • $1.4 million in non-receipted refunds to employees

Uncovering Fraud

IRE allows retailers to pinpoint who’s who – and who knows whom – despite manipulated identities, input errors, and attempts to deceive. IRE taps into disparate enterprise and commercial data sources such as online auctions, human resources files, vendor information, reward programs, and incidents so retailers can determine an individual’s true identity and uncover suspicious connections between people, locations, and inventory. The strength of our technology is its ability to identify which individuals are likely the same and what non-obvious relationships exist between entities within your data.

Identity Resolution Engine answers questions such as:

  • Are you about to hire someone who was previously involved in an incident (e.g., shoplifting) in one of your stores?
  • Which employees are returning merchandise without identifying themselves?
  • Does a multiple-return item match a missing shipment?
  • Which customers have multiple identities and why?
  • Is there a relationship between an incident victim and an employee eyewitness?


  • Employee Risk Screening
  • Loss Prevention Intelligence
  • Enhanced Returns Authorization