Federated Query


For most companies, the data to identity and catch fraudsters already exists within the organization. However, because data is distributed across your organization in various data silos, resolving identities in real time requires rapidly accessing multiple data sources with different structures and access methods. Having data distributed across disparate systems also presents the challenge of adapting to the attributes of individual data sources and combining individual analyses from these data sources to derive an aggregate answer.

Infoglide Federated Query enables organizations to access the data where it lives, without disrupting the forensic integrity.

With Infoglide Federated Query, organizations can:

  • Access and query all relevant enterprise data without building yet another data warehouse.
  • Analyze the forensic bits and bytes of (id)entities across a wide variety of sources with a view to understanding matches and associations between entities.
  • Understand – with an audit trail – who is searching into which data, so that analysts are not duplicating efforts or misusing authority.