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Anonymous Identity Resolution


“Who’s Who Confidentially” – Find, match, and link similar entities and relationships without exposing sensitive data values


International companies, particularly those in the financial services markets, have long struggled to comply with the varying data privacy and security laws of the countries in which they operate.  Data analysis practices in one region of the world may or may not be acceptable in another, and the penalties of non-compliance can be harsh to say the least.

Infoglide Anonymous Identity Resolution software enables businesses to accurately find matches on similar people, places and entities without exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data. With Infoglide Anonymous Identity Resolution, people and businesses can be matched without requiring the source data to leave the country of origin.

With Infoglide Anonymous Identity Resolution, organizations can:

  • Search, match and link similar people, places, entities and relationships without exposing sensitive data
  • Search multiple data sources without moving raw data from its secure content sources
  • Perform Identity Resolution while the data never leaves the country of origin
  • Compare and cross reference watch lists, customer records – anonymously
  • Enable each data owner to control the access level of each of their own data
  • Detect aliases whether they are created intentionally or through human error
  • Reduce false positives through multi-attribute matching

Key Capabilities:

  • Unique reference data encryption and masking architecture ensures that the user only has access to references of the matches instead of sensitive data
  • Patented similarity search and match technology that leverages over 50 domain-specific  algorithms
  • Optimized to meet strict government privacy requirements such as HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley laws, and EU privacy regulations
  • Seamless integration with Infoglide Federated Query enables data access where it lives, without destroying the forensic integrity of the data
  • Multi-attribute similarity matching capabilities improves accuracy and reduces false positives and false negatives