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Relationship Link Analysis

“Who Knows Whom?”

Historically, the most difficult crimes to detect are the ones that involve coordinated attacks by organized fraud rings. While each individual individual interaction may be “under the radar”, coordinated efforts from an organized crime ring can cause great financial damage. Some examples of these types of activities include bust-out fraud, insider fraud, and claims fraud.

Infoglide Relationship Link Analysis exposes fraudulent networks by identifying and linking similar shared attributes between people, places and things.  The relationships can be either viewed and drilled into using Infoglide’s Web visualization interface or transmitted to any third party analytical tool via Web services.


With Infoglide Relationship Link Analysis, organizations can:

  • Uncover previously unknown relationships and conduct more effective investigations with an intuitive visualization interface.
  • Associate similar yet not exact relationships caused by attempts to deceive and data entry errors with powerful multi-attribute similarity matching solution
  • Perform deep analysis of expansive networks with ability to visualize relationships with up to four degrees of separation

Key Capabilities:

  • Detect similarities between seemingly unrelated entities with Infoglide Identity Resolution
  • Intuitive Web interface for viewing and analyzing results
  • Tunable algorithms provide maximum flexibility to unique business rules
  • Integrated with configurable automated alerts capabilities