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Infoglide Bladeworks is a platform for building enterprise workflows leveraging similarity searching and analysis on transactional and historical data.

Bladeworks® has a flexible framework for building a variety of applications that can be configured based on customer needs. Using an open API, Bladeworks’ framework enables organizations to incorporate multiple technologies, analytics, software components, and both internal and external data sources. The system performs tasks such as decision automation, transaction processing, and extraction of knowledge from data sources.

Bladeworks® has the following capabilities:

  • Provides a plug-and-play framework that easily incorporates multiple analytics, data sources, and software components
  • Analyzes data at the transaction level
  • Provides an open API
  • Aggregates disparate data, analytics, and results to produce one comprehensive score
  • Produces an audit trail
  • Provides auto decisioning and auto configuration
  • Allows components to be distributed
  • Returns scores instead of actual data, if needed
  • Orchestration of requests to existing services outside of Bladeworks
  • Process management