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Identity Resolution Engine (IRE)


Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) enables organizations to detect and prevent fraudulent activities within their organization. Developed as the anti-fraud solution for the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA) program, and refined in collaboration with strategic banks, insurance companies, and retailers, IRE is ideal for answering the following types of questions:

  • Does someone in an incident database resemble someone in another database… and who else is connected to them?
  • Is the witness in an insurance claim suspiciously similar to someone in the Special Investigations Unit’s (SIU) data?
  • Do credit card applicants share subtle attributes that would point to bust-out fraud?
  • Does the loan applicant have a non-obvious relationship with an employee? Or a known fraudster?
  • How is the stock trader connected (by degrees of separation) to an insider?
  • Is an applicant somehow connected to a denied person?

Infoglide IRE goes at the heart of who’s who… and who’s working with whom… by “gliding” across an organization’s data (internal and/or third party) and matching forensic data attributes that are the golden nuggets of financial crime prevention and investigation. Identity Anti-Fraud Solution Suite helps investigators understand the identity matches and non-obvious relationships between individuals across enterprise data – despite input errors or deliberate attempts to deceive.Infoglide IRE is highly scalable, with customers conducting millions of queries per day on hundreds’ of millions of records across dozens of disparate datasets. Its service-oriented architecture can be deployed out-of-the-box as a standalone solution or integrated with other enterprise applications.

Identity Resolution / Similarity Search

Identity Resolution

Applies patented similarity search technology to find, match and link similar individuals, locations and other entities within disparate data

Social Link Discovery

Detects hidden relationships by uncovering hidden linkages between people, places and things. An intuitive Web interface enables investigators to visualize and drill down for deep analysis.

Anonymous Resolution for Data Privacy

Find, match, and link similar entities and relationships without exposing sensitive data values.

Real Time Red Flag Analysis

Automates business processes as transactions occur with a user-defined, workflow engine.